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Learning About the Different Movie Genres for Your Acting Auditions

When going to an acting audition, it is important to familiarize yourself with many of the film industry’s different genres and find which genre fits your acting style. Some actors are known for specific film genres in which they have established their name.

A tip for first-time actors is to explore different genres to hone your acting skills. Here is a general list of the different major film genres in Hollywood:

  • Action

This overlaps with the adventure genre. The action film genre is mostly characterized by the death-defying stunts and moves that are essential to the storyline of the film. However, there are some instances that a film can be classified as action-adventure due to their overlapping nature. This genre lets the audience immerse in escapism. Movies like James Bond and The Bourne Identity Series are examples of films belonging to the action film genre.

  •  Adventure

The adventure film genre is generally characterized by the protagonist undergoing a journey to accomplish a certain task that is essential to save the world. It often involves exotic locations and a combination of historical facts. This film is rather physical in nature as well. The Indiana Jones series is an example of an adventure movie.

  • Comedy

This genre, with its light-hearted plot lines and humorous skits, is specifically made for laughter. These movies exaggerate plot lines and characters. It’s an open genre that is fused with other genres. Zoolander and the Wedding Crashers are examples.

  •  Crime (and Gangster)

This genre deals with crimes that were committed or crimes about to be committed in the story. It’s linked with gangster plot lines like Brooklyn’s Finest and the Godfather series.

  •  Drama

The realistic story lines rely on character development and a good plot line. These serious movies are known to pull at the heartstrings and touch many topics relevant to the audience. Classic examples are Forrest Gump and The Rainmaker.

  • Epic

This genre is described as being historical in nature. It covers a wide range of historical content and some have their basis in mythology and legends. The graphic effects and musical scores add to the lavish nature of these pictures. Braveheart and The Gladiator are examples.

  • Erotica

This adult genre is full of sexual fantasies and other things of a sexual nature. It’s designed to arouse a viewer’s sexuality.

  • Fantasy

The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are examples of this genre that brings up magical and supernatural plots.

  • Horror

This is very popular with the younger generation. It instills fears in the hidden recesses of the human mind. It generally evokes fear in the goriest and disturbing ways possible. Prosthetics and graphic design add to the scary effect. Examples of this genre are Nosferatu and the Wolfman.

  • Historical

This genre typically involved a historical even told from the perspective of those who were a part of the event or spectators of the event. The Passion of Christ and Hotel Rwanda fall under this category.

  • Musical

Musicals have singing and dancing numbers interwoven into the plot. It’s grand in scale and production numbers. Rent and The Phantom of the Opera are musicals.

  • Mystery

Sherlock Holmes and The Talented Mr. Ripley fall under the mystery genre. It is often associated with the crime genre because mysteries focus on solving crimes.

  •  Romance

Obviously this genre focuses on love. The Notebook and The Vow are popular romance movies.

  • Suspense/Thriller

The nature of the plot will invoke tension and excitement among the viewers. It’s a predator and prey type plot that focuses on the victim. Psycho and A Perfect Stranger are great examples of thrillers.

  • Silent Movies

This is from a time when movies did not have sound. They are black and white and the dialogue or narration is flashed in between scenes. They are the forerunners of today’s movies. The Tramp starring Charlie Chaplin and The Great Train Robbery are from this era.

  • Science Fiction

These movies usually have visually stunning shots. They’re very futuristic and they deal with extraterrestrials and evolving technology. The Star Wars Saga and I, Robot are part of this film category.

  • War

This shows the explicit and heartbreaking effects that war has. It shows different aspects of war. This can be tied to the historical genre like Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor.

  • Western

This genre depicts the lifestyle of the American Westerners. The Lone Ranger is a famous example of this type of movie that explores the aspects of Western society.

Whatever genre you go for in your acting auditions, you need to be prepared. You need to hone your skills, so you will be suited for it. When you are ready to go to auditions and casting calls, visit The site will help you find hundreds of casting calls and auditions.

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