Kick-Start Your Modeling Portfolio – 10 Ways to Look Better in Photos

Modeling is all about the look. In order to get that highly-coveted job as a print or fashion model, it is important that the modeling portfolio you present can impress agents. A good portfolio can launch your modeling career, while a bad one could make you lose out on the coveted jobs.

This is why before you pull out all the stops in getting that expensive photographer, you have to know what makes a good picture—or how you can make your look work best for you. Look up some tips on how to show off your best assets in photos. Here are some tips to start you off:

  • Fake a tummy tuck by twisting your torso, with one shoulder away positioned toward the camera, and the other away from it. This quick trick can instantly make you look slender. This is a red carpet pose, so you know that this really works!

  • Use berry-colored lips with a hint of sheen because these translate well to the camera. Nudes and neutrals, on the other hand, can make you look like a corpse, and is very unflattering to your lovely face. Meanwhile, dark lippies have a minimizing effect on the lips, so dark mattes are a no-no either.
  • Mind your posture by pulling your shoulders back away from your ears. Focus on the length of your spine, stand tall. Turn your head back and forth toward and away from the camera so that you will look relaxed in your photos.
  • Avoid that double chin by elongating your neck and pushing your face forward. Think of this as sticking your forehead outward and then tipping your chin down slightly. Don’t worry if this looks awkward, even the highest-paid models do this. It’s going to look great in the photo.
  • Make sure your makeup matches perfectly—that’s to say, the right match for your skin tone. A foundation that is too pale for your skin tone becomes very obvious when the flash goes off, so make sure that your foundation and concealer match the skin to your chest and neck.

  • Play to your strengths. Curl your lashes and apply mascara, as this will open up your eyes, and they are usually the focal points of photos. The more open they are, the more the lights hit them and that’s how they twinkle.
  • Don’t overdo on the glow. Too much shine on your skin can be distracting, so it is best to apply matte finishing products to neutralize shine instantly. Anything too shimmery on the skin can also be too much in a photo, so if you’re really addicted to shimmers, keep it light to just the tips of your cheekbones and bridge of your nose with a powder highlighter.
  • Check your best pictures to check a pattern. Which angle is your best? Is there a specific smile that flatters you? Try to replicate your best photos. Trademark your own “blue steel,” if you must. Once you know how you look in photos, it’s easier to replicate.

  • Don’t forget your hair. Sleek and shiny hair always look better, and you look more pulled-together. Use a good pomade or dry oil to control fizz. Photos tend to pick up flyaways, so make sure that your hair is in place, or at least properly tousled.
  • Forget saying cheese, a forced look makes you seem stiff and unapproachable. Think of something funny or joke around with your photographer, a natural smile will make you look naturally pretty in photos, so stay calm and relaxed. You’re beautiful!

If you feel like your photos are not the best, don’t worry. Models and celebrities take a lot of time to get their spreads perfected. Most of them have the entire day to get their hair and makeup done, and they even work with the photographers for hours on end, so keep your spirits up.

Have fun and let your personality shine through. Your versatility as a model should be apparent from the selection of photos you present. Modeling is all about the right looks—remember that even the prettiest of faces need a little bit of personality and character to make their photos stand out. So go out there and shine.

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Basic Posing Tips You Can Use in a Modeling Job

Getting a photographer who is professional enough to guide you with many modeling poses and knows how to direct you would be a real blessing especially when it’s your first time to do a modeling job. It is quite unnerving to ace a modeling audition, and to survive a one long photo shoot for a glamour shot is an achievement.

So here are some essential and basic posing techniques that you should use when you start your premiere glamour shots. Just keep in mind that you should follow and listen to the pieces of advice of your photographer.

Simplicity is beauty

The simple poses can always deliver the most impact. Overdoing your poses might make the whole thing look very unappealing and awkward, and it might lose the photo’s glamour. It does not mean you must be glamorous in your poses just because it is called glamour photos. In glamour shots, good poses mean looking natural.

Be updated with the latest poses

Chitrangada Singh In White Dress Modeling Pose Photoshoot.jpg (1920×1080)

It is necessary for you to be updated with new different poses. It would not be appropriate if you know only outdated poses for the photo shoot. Each year, there are certain techniques and styles for each and every pose. Styles in the recent time are more provocative, sensual, and natural.

Work with some props

ladythatneverleft12.jpg (3200×2400)

It would be a great help to have something to work with if you are still learning to do glamour shots. Many photographers would rather advise you to use a prop or something to lean on or sit in. The purpose of using a prop on your poses is to make sure that you are relaxed. The more your poses are going to be natural when you are relaxed.

Hide your flaws and emphasize your assets

IMAG1019_1.jpg (1456×832)

Even professional models are not perfect human beings. So it is necessary for you to do some poses where your assets will be more noticeable. You can start by moving your weight away from the camera, or better experiment with different angles. You can also get ideas from other models on how they do their poses for some pointers.

Do poses that highlight your best features

Fotolia_14342483_Subscription_XXL-2.jpg (5616×3744)

You can have your own research on other poses for the glamour photos. There are certain poses that can hide your unwanted flaws, and there are also poses that can make your best assets noticeable. It would be highly necessary to get to know your strongest physical assets and focus on working with it. Just make a further personal research for poses to help you achieve it.

Interpret the concept in a creative way

When you’re told about the theme of the shoot, think of the poses that will best reflect the motif. You can’t just stand there and raise your head when the shoot is all about extreme sports.

It is necessary between you and your photographer to have an open communication so you would know that you are still on the same page, that you understand perfectly what it is that is expected of you to do. This is a perfect way for you to not waste everyone’s time and also to get a great shot without wasting too much frames. Be flexible with what the photographer is suggesting and ask for any additional advises to improve your pose.

Be open with your photographer

biznes-plan-fotostudii-ot-ob'ektiva-do-fona.jpg (1772×1120)

It is important that you notice every progress during the whole shoot. You don’t have to be bothered because you have all the opportunity to see your own photos. Discuss what you can do with the photographer to improve your poses for the shots. Get some useful tips and make sure to follow them on your next photo session.

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Modeling Tips from World-Renowned Models

It would be such a great thing to be inspired by famous people from the same industry you would want to be famous for. The frustration, pressure, and nervousness you might feel at the moment will be washed away if you find an inspiration in the form of other successful models.

So in order to help you out, here are top 10 successful models with their modeling tips that you should heartily follow. These people must have also gone through the sharp edges before they get their names to the top. Who knows, you’ll be one to follow their footsteps.

Marisa Miller

o-MARISA-MILLER-facebook.jpg (2000×1000)

“I think it’s so important just to have confidence in your body. Everyone knows that confidence is sexy, and it’s knowing your assets, your strengths, and just playing those up.” 

Marisa Miller is an Actress in America who turned out to be a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret. She got her first modeling for a brassier that costs $3 million by the said company. Not bad for a starting point, right?

Tara Lynn

“There was certainly a natural progression that happened over time. As you become an adult, you realize that you don’t have to fit in with your peers. You don’t have to look and think like everyone else. Though there certainly was a point at which I realized I was really unhappy in my body and that I had to take control. It was maybe a couple of years after going through that, during college, when I took some weight off and felt strong, beautiful, and in control. I had enough courage to walk into an agency and realize that this body that’s a size 12/14 is a good body, it’s my own, and I feel good about it.” 

Tara Lynn is also another model from America who has been featured in Glamour, Elle, and in V Magazine. Though she encountered the sweet treats in her career, bitter treats also came her way. She used to suffer from low self-esteem with her size 14, so her words are more powerful since they’re fueled with her story of recovery and healing.

Robyn Lawley

robyn-lawley-model.jpg (1200×901)

“Even at my lightest, I just couldn’t get there. I genuinely really tried. I was counting calories, I was taking diet pills, I was dabbling in starvation. I thought you had to be skinny to be beautiful. And I thought I would never be beautiful at this size.’ So what does she do to stay a perfectly fit sized 12? “People think plus-size models don’t exercise – we do!’. ‘But it’s about health, not forcing my body to be something it’s not meant to be.” 

If you know Ralph Lauren‘s fashion powerhouse, then you should be familiar with Robyn Lawley since she’s also the other popular name who starred in the company’s campaigns. This Australian plus-size supermodel has a few Vogue covers under her belt.

However, the 6-foot-tall blonde beauty admitted that she tried to lose weight just to match the demands of the mainstream modeling, but she thought that getting the 34-24-36 body would be pretty impossible no matter how hard she tried to deprive herself of eating the food she loved.

Jennie Runk

image.jpg (2382×1788)

“When I first started meeting other new models, I was a size 8, going on 10, and they were sizes 0 and 2. At first, it was embarrassing. I wasn’t even 14 years old, already feeling big for my age, and then being so drastically different from all the other models around me wasn’t easy. But losing weight to look like them never crossed my mind. I’m just not built that way. Some people are naturally really thin and tall. I’m not one of those people. I feel healthy and happy in my body anywhere between a size 10 and 14. I’ve been each of those sizes and everywhere in between a few times within the past ten years, and I don’t feel any less attractive at one size than I do at another. I’m still me, no matter what the tag on my jeans says.” 

Jennie Runk was the first ever plus-size model who made it to H&M’s swimwear catalog. With the size of 14 and a height of 5’10, she used to be considered normal-sized, but she later gained weight and is now considered a plus-size woman.

Whitney Thompson

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)

“I like to tell people to take what society has deemed a flaw and turn it into a positive. I used to hate my thighs so much and I would spend so much time staring in the mirror and trying to make them go away. Then one day, I looked in the mirror and said, ‘My mum has these thighs, and my grandmother, and instead of putting myself down about something I can’t change, I’m going to celebrate them because they keep me from looking like the girl next to me’. They make me unique, and that, in the end, is what makes me more beautiful, being different.” 

If you are fond of watching America’s Next Top Model, you would never forget Whitney Thompson‘s pretty face that made her win the title. She is the first ever plus-size model who made it to the top.

The blonde girl has been an advocate of the campaign for the modeling industry to cast fuller and healthier figures like her. She is one of the best people to look at if you are still struggling about your self-confidence.

Crystal Renn

crystal-renn.jpg (2000×1333)

“Women have come so far in the past 100 years. But what holds them back is lack of confidence and self-hatred. Those two things can affect every part of your life. I was at the lowest level you can be. It was only when I accepted myself that I managed to achieve [my goals] in life and work. Through this book, I want women to know that people in the [fashion] industry can relate to them too. Women struggle everywhere with their weight and their bodies, and no one talks about it. I wanted to speak for the unspoken!” 

Crystal Renn has a level of self-confidence you should be jealous of. She used to be a size 0 model, and finally decided to switch to plus-size modeling after struggling with weight issues for many years. Now Crystal Renn is one of the highest-paid plus-size models in the world.

Sara Alloy

tumblr_m2hvtyyecJ1r33a7yo1_1280.jpg (1280×623)

“I am really into the organic movement so I use as much organic stuff as I can. I eat raw foods from Whole Foods.  If I can’t pronounce the ingredient I won’t eat it. I read labels when I go grocery shopping.  I like simple foods and I cook everything. I eat out but I try to eat healthy. I don’t just go and gorge myself. I don’t eat McDonalds or fast food at all, unless it’s an emergency and I have no choice. I eat a lot of vegetarian food and very little meat. I eat a lot of chicken and fish. I work out. I do those Zumba workouts at home, 4-5 days a week. I walk. Manhattan is great for that. I don’t drink alcohol and I’m conscious of calories. It’s nice because you don’t have to be hyperaware of it, but like everyone else if don’t care of yourself it will show. My biggest thing is if I don’t eat healthy my skin will get bad. I drink a lot of water to maintain my skin.” 

Sara Alloy is an American plus-size model who has been famous for her beautiful works in Lane Bryant and many other catalogs. She has been in the industry for roughly 4 years and is now signed with IPM modeling agency.

Ivory Lovelust

199A4432.jpg (1500×1000)

“I’m not a huge advocate for dressing specifically to flatter your size – if you want to do so then by all means do, but I don’t believe that we should be constrained in our fashion choices by the way our body is shaped. If you’re a pear shape then you don’t need to hide your wide thighs and curvy bum, just as if you’re an apple you don’t need to disguise your tummy. If you want to wear a pair of skinny fit jeans or a fitted wiggle pencil skirt, don’t let your body shape hide or stop you from doing so. Just because something isn’t deemed “flattering” by the masses aren’t incentive to be discouraged from stepping outside the box and trying it out. Being a member of a burlesque dance troupe, we meet and rehearse twice weekly and this incorporates dance moves, warm ups, stretches and gentle exercise. I also live in a rural village in the country at the moment and love going for long walks.”

Ivory Lovelust is a Scottish pin-up model who is a world-renowned plus-size woman. This fun and fierce woman is also a burlesque dancer and a makeup artist. She has her own fun way to keep her body curvy and healthy.

Tess Munster

tess-shoot-24th-nov-14-10542.jpg (5760×3840)

“Like everyone, I’m human so I most certainly have my moments. It’s usually a combination of the opposite sex, online “trolls,” and old insecurities that sneak up on me. However, when I encounter those feelings, I just remind myself that I’m fabulous, and if other’s can’t see it, that’s their problem, not mine. The key to confidence is to surround yourself with positive people who build you up rather than tear you down. And when all else fails, put on some lipstick and go out and have fun!”

Tess Munster is a living proof that being a mother doesn’t mean you cannot have the alluring body anymore. She is a popular model from California who also manages a business and she’s an activist who fights for plus-size women all over the world.

Ashley Graham

GettyImages-488304466wide.jpg (1368×1026)

“Just because I’m a big girl doesn’t mean I want to cover up, Victoria’s Secret bottoms are extra large and that’s me all the way. But their tops don’t go to a string 38 DD. So I get those at Old Navy, and mix and match. It’s not like I have a burger or pizza every night. But I’m also not munching on greens all day. I eat steak. And I’m going to have a potato with it too.” 

If you have made enough research about plus-size modeling, you’ve probably come across Ashley Graham. This plus-size woman has graced the cover of huge magazines like Elle and Mary Clair.

She even won the prestigious award for Figured Fashion Week’s Model of the Year. This buxom woman has a contagious confidence, and her modeling tips are one-of-a-kind.

Achieving your dreams is never impossible, and that applies in the plus-size modeling industry too. These people are the living proof that you too, regardless of your size and height, can build successful modeling careers. You just have to remember to wear your confidence on your sleeve and ramp with all your heart.

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Ace That Modeling Audition with These Effective Tips

Today’s fashion industry is starting to conduct modeling auditions for plus-size women as part of their recognition of the plus-size community’s remarkable works. However, this does not imply that models who belong in the industry should just forget about digging deep into what the world of modeling really is. Plus-size women and all the aspiring models have to be fully aware about every single detail of the cutthroat industry they are about to enter. This way, they will know what to do.

Many fashion galleries are often requesting full-figured and curvy women to join auditions, model calls, and open houses for their campaigns and runway events. So plus size women who have what it takes to be the next model have an awesome career waiting for them.

To stand out, here are some easy-to-remember tips all aspirants should follow.

Your Attitude Is Your Best Gear

Black+model++-Simply+Samad+1.jpg (1600×1000)

Only strong women will become a plus-size model. You have to be fierce enough to be able to face obstacles. Just like any other jobs, the modeling industry is like an area of tigers eyeing on the same prey. There should be no room for insecurities and negativities.

Don’t Forget Your Requirements

casting_call_1600_700_90_s_c1.jpg (1600×700)

There must be specific requirements that are asked for you to bring to an audition. These may include portfolio, résumé, and photos. So make sure you put them in your bag before you head to the venue.

Be Mindful of What You Wear

fffweek+casting+orlando+015.JPG (1600×1066)

There are plenty of women, for some reason, who attend auditions as if it’s just a Friday night out. They wear clothes that are too fitting they end up having difficulties moving. There are also those who show up donning clothes that are normally worn when someone is set for a day of strolling in the mall.

The point here is to be simple but presentable at the same time. Tip: leggings can be a good choice because it makes the natural curves of the body visible.

Be Hygienic

26542-1440x960.jpg (1440×960)

As a model, it is a must to observe proper hygiene. However, there are some aspiring models who break this golden rule. All talents should make sure their body is well prepared.

Makeup, on the other hand, is another topic. Sometimes, directors and fashion designers appreciate those candidates who put on less makeup because they get to see their natural beauty. But if you feel there are some flaws that need to be covered, go ahead and fix it. Just don’t overdo it.

Believe in Yourself

beautiful_smiling_girl_hd.jpg (1920×1200)

You have to examine your self-esteem before you decide to go to an audition venue. There are many ways to find out if you are emotionally prepared to be grilled by the casting directors. Know whether or not you’re ready to display yourself in front of the camera, whether or not you’re ready to hear heartless criticism from others, and whether or not you have what bit takes to win the audition.

There are many random things you should expect during an audition. You are going to face a huge crowd by the time you walk into the venue. You can experience being yelled at by the audience. But if you think you are not the type who gets sad over these things but rather take them in a positive way, then go ahead and nail the modeling industry without hesitation and fear.

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The Types of Modeling Jobs that Will Best Suit You

Models are required to work hard in modeling jobs. They are expected to attend different events or shows such as casting and fitting once they have signed a contract with an agency. Models don’t have fixed working hours but will work for a longer time, plus they will have an opportunity to travel to different places.

Hence, being a model might be hard so you have to know all the kind of modeling jobs you might encounter before you decide to take the walk.

Available jobs in the industry are posted online through reliable sites, but it is still a requirement to know what they are before an aspiring model can get started. The different kinds of modeling jobs are listed down for you. Know all of them and fill yourself with enough knowledge about the craft that you are about to start a career in. One or two of these might be your forte.

High-Fashion Modeling

High-fashion models are known for their strong and bold features; it’s the kind of looks that make them crowd-pleasing. High-fashion modeling is classified into three.


gettyimages-465359766.jpg (1280×863)

Runway models are those who bring the creations of well-known fashion designers into life. You need to have the right body and height for the job. These models usually get the highest pay because they are expected to sport the big-name designs the most convincing way possible.


down-syndrome-nordstrom-catalog-model.jpg (1116×758)

Hence the name, catalog models pose for catalogs. Unlike the runway models, their pay will depend on the number of photos taken. Kids can be catalog models too. For adult models, they are often selected because of their healthy, slender, and beautiful body with classic beauty. They are also usually tall.

Fashion Print

JAG-04-018-r2CMYK1.jpg (1862×2000)

These models are those who pose for print advertising. Fashion print modeling is known as one of the most demanding modeling jobs because how a designer’s works are reflected in prints can make or break their career.

Editorial Modeling

Editorial models work to illustrate articles and editorials in publications. Editorial modeling has a less strict set of requirements compared to high-fashion modeling. There are three categories for editorial modeling.

Fashion Editorial

redinger_libolt_F011.jpg (1860×1140)

If you want to be a fashion editorial model, you are expected to be flexible and adaptable enough to meet the changing demands of the target audience of the magazine.

Land Mag Editorial

0413_CaraDelevinge_PeterLindbergh_108-121_Page_2.jpg (1440×936)

Though mistakenly interchanged with glamour modeling, land mag modeling usually has a sexual theme where models wear plunging pieces of clothing. A toned and slender body is usually the main requirement.

Glamour Modeling

58d3b161f7293963856679b4ba2ef63a.jpg (3072×2048)

Same with land mag editorial modeling, glamour modeling also has a sexual theme. These models often endorse lingerie, swimwear, and club wear. This kind of job also requires the models to go almost bottomless. Glamour models have to ask for the specifications of the job so anything assigned to them in the future will not come as a shock. Glamour modeling is considered as a broad category.

Commercial Modeling

This is a category where most modeling agencies work on. Commercial models are assigned in different commercial modeling jobs like these two:


ma21.jpg (3888×2592)

Models, most of the time, represent how certain products are used. They make sure they demonstrate the products in the most engaging way.


blogshow-resample.php (900×600)

Lifestyle models are often looked for when a company wants to bring an idea or a concept to life. Its requirements usually depend on the concept of the company’s projects.

Parts Modeling

Parts models usually use the parts of their bodies to portray or demonstrate certain services and products. Modeling jobs like this usually require connections so finding an agent is one of the best ways to get started.

slide_293343_2369339_original.jpg (3671×3088)

Although there are many more things to consider once a talent decides to build a name in the modeling industry, it is a good start to know the types of jobs available in the field. It is highly advisable to get signed with an agency to get a modeling job you want.

But you don’t have to be bothered anymore once you have already signed because you will surely be called, and you will have access to random modeling jobs opening for an instance. If you can’t find an agency, it is best to look into some sites that post available modeling jobs and start from there. Nevertheless, you should give out your best shot once you are given the job.

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How to Successfully Land the Best Modeling Jobs


Every model will need a piece of advice at some point in their career, whether they are a newcomer or a veteran in the modeling world. When looking for a modeling job, there are a few ways to do it. And when you go to an audition, the journey does not stop there. Acing it is another story. Following these steps will help you land the best modeling job for you, whether it be in print modeling, high-fashion modeling, promotional, or commercial modeling.


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The Different Types of Headshots and How They Are Taken

A headshot is a kind of portrait defined as the direct and realistic representation of the actor or model. It is often used for casting especially in modeling and acting auditions. There are different types of headshots used for castings, and it is very important to know what the kinds of headshots are and on when they are applicable.

Although it is tempting to use the same kind of headshot for our résumés to save time, it is not the proper thing to do. When you submit a résumé, make sure that you are passing the one that is appropriate for the audition that you will be doing.

Here is a list of the different kinds of headshots and what each of them is all about:


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