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Shark Films for Every ‘Jaws’ Fans Out There

There has been a slew of shark films since Steven Spielberg came out with Jaws back in 1975. Moviegoers  have seen a few hits and misses out there, but this type of movies never really fails to draw fans of the genre in. So it just begs the question, what makes a good shark film? Well, the secret lies not only in the terrifying monster of the deep ocean but with the characters as well. Audiences would most likely remember a film for the memorable characters that are weaved in with a compelling plot and thrilling action scenes.

While Jaws may have been successful in making moviegoers fear the ocean, it also can take credit for changing the destructive monster genre in Hollywood. In honor of the classic movie, ExploreTalent has put up a list of shark attack movies that are certainly worth your time.

1. Open Water (2003)


This movie is a terrifying look into what could happen to you if you get stranded in the middle of the ocean. A vacationing couple is left by their scuba group when the crew mistakenly counted two members twice. They are forced to fend for themselves while dangerous bull sharks and jellyfishes lurk around.

The movie has a simple plot, but the action is enough to reel audiences in and no one can argue that the ending is something people don’t usually see in disaster films. It is loosely based on the real-life disappearance of American couple Tom and Eileen Lonergan back in 1998. The couple went missing during a scuba trip in the Coral Sea and are now presumed dead.

2. 12 Days of Terror (2004)


This made-for-television film is one of the best shark-themed movies out there, and another one that is based on true events that took place in New Jersey back in 1916. The incident left four out of five victims dead after a series of vicious attacks. The man-eating shark even terrorized rivers as it ventured toward freshwater territory, causing a wave of panic among the residents of the nearby towns. What’s even more eerie about all these events was that the exact species of shark was never determined neither was the reason behind their destructive behavior.

3. The Shallows (2016)


Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively stars in this heart-stopping survival thriller, which centers around a surfer who is attacked and stranded a few yards from the shore. She then needs to gather her wits and resources to outsmart a ravenous great white shark that targets her.

The movie has been released to generally positive reviews, with critics praising Lively’s performance and the overall unsettling atmosphere the whole film has to offer. It has also done well in the box office, earning beyond the estimated box office projection.

4. Sharnado (2013)


As far as B-rated monster flicks are concerned, this has to be an all-time favorite. An outrageously silly plot? Check. Monstrous sharks sprouting from a tornado? Check. Sharknado embodies a movie that is so bad, it’s actually pretty good.

For those who are curious, a fictional “Sharknado” is formed when a water sprout in the ocean brings a slew of killer sharks to Los Angeles. The movie was released on SyFy and has since then spawned several sequels.

5. Deep Blue Sea (1999)


Just imagine all the sharks mentioned on this list are given steroids that can somehow make them smarter and more dangerous with a profound taste for human flesh. That is exactly what the movie Deep Blue Sea is all about. A research facility breaks the code of ethics and raises genetically enhanced sharks that eventually turn against them. The movie features one of the most comical and unexpected death scenes in film history.

Upcoming Shark film: Meg (2018)


Horror film director Eli Roth is teaming up with popular Hollywood actor Jason Statham for the movie adaptation of the 1997 novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. Statham will star as Jonas Taylor, a U.S. Navy deep sea diver who goes head to head with a prehistoric alpha predator.

The film has been in production hell for more than a decade, so it’s nice to know that production has officially started. A film that features the most sought-after action star going against a massive shark will surely be something that is worth watching.

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