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Ninja Movies for the Stealth-Fighter Fans

If you were to choose, would you rather be a ninja or a pirate? Ninja, probably.

The ninja first appeared in Japan in the 15th century, apparently out of necessity because of a war that needed people to perform clandestine activities, assassinations, and intelligence gathering. However, they needed outside mercenaries to bring about such acts. Samurais, although known to kill, were bound by the samurai code, which limits their capacity in doing so. Ninja have the capacity for martial arts and various fighting tactics, can use camouflage, explosive, and different types of weapons—and yet their capacity for killing has been embellished so much that it became a sort of a myth.

Here are some ninja movies you need to see:

5 Ninja Movies You Need to Watch

Ninja, A Band of Assassins (1962)

Ninja, A Band of Assassins

Based on a popular series of novels with a total of eight films in the franchise, this stars Raizo Ichiwaka and is about a rogue ninja named Goemon Ishikawa, who goes against a warlord who despises the practice of Buddhism. The plot is a bit difficult to follow, but it has a lot going on in it, which is safe to say that it’s fun to watch.

The Third Ninja (1964)

The Third Ninja

The gritty story resembles film noir and portrays a ninja and their techniques in a realistic manner, which is understandable as early Japanese ninja films were concerned with realism. The film is about a man who is sent out to assassinate a warlord.

Enter the Ninja (1981)

Ninja Movies - Enter the Ninja

The film that gave way to ninja explosion in America has Franco Nero as a man heading to the Philippines to visit a friend. Unfortunately, things weren’t smooth-sailing, as he ended up having to use his ninja skills to battle thugs and a former rival.

Originally starring Mike Stone, he was cut from the film because producers were not satisfied with his acting. However, due to the fact that Nero had no martial arts training, Stone was kept on to do most of the stunts.

Revenge of the Ninja (1983)

Revenge of the Ninja

Shane Kosugi plays a father who moves to America with his son to start over after his family was murdered by ninjas. He starts a doll shop with a friend, except that it turned out his friend was using the dolls to ship heroin. Due to the troubles the business brings, Kosugi must don his ninja garbs to kick some ass.

Legend of the Shadowy Ninja: The Ninja Dragon (1990)

Legend of the Shadowy Ninja: The Ninja Dragon

Aliens, the Yakuza, and ninja in one film? That might be fun—except that production made it look like a bad TV movie. But if you like B-rated movies, then this is the one to watch, because well, how often do people think of these stories in the first place?

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