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Market Your Acting Career Without Spending Money

Marketing your acting career is a great way to book more jobs and build more opportunities. But most actors shy away from this as they think it can be costly. Technically speaking, you do have to shell out cash for your headshot. But once you secure a good batch of photos, you can start marketing your skills around the industry without spending too much money. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve this.

Explore Talent Tips: How to Market Your Acting Career for Free

1. Get a headshot that reflects you

Kirill Headshot Photography in London

Along with your résumé, your headshot serves as a passport to the industry, so it is worth investing in a good one. Take a bad headshot and you won’t just end up with no takers, but you’ll be forced to spend even more money for another session. For example, if you want to be branded as a more “glamorous” actress, then inform the photographer of your vision. Your headshot should be able to reflect the roles that you fit in the most. As soon as you think you’re good to go, make sure to display your headshot on your website.

Speaking of websites . .

2. Set up your website

Set up a Website

Your own URL may cost money, but there are a lot of free Web-hosting sites available around the Internet if you happen to be on a budget. A well-curated website can help you sell your acting skills and broaden your network. Do not forget to indicate the link to your personal site when submitting résumés to casting directors. You can include it in the bio section of your résumé.

3. Social media

Social Media Marketing

Other than setting up your website, you can give people more access to your biography through social media. Social media is the most powerful marketing tool in the world. Businesses use it to sell the products, and musicians even head to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to promote their music to a bigger audience. As an actor, you can take advantage of how vast social media is by setting up accounts on various platforms. Keep in mind that you have to keep your audience’s attention by constantly posting eye-catching content!

4. Attend networking events

Shaking Hands

Networking events are a great way to market your acting career to fellow industry members. You can mostly find these happening in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. For a small fee, you can get out and meet a variety of performers and even individuals who work behind the scenes. Not only will you get to expand your connections in the business, but you’ll also get to help fund local film communities around you.

5. Prepare a demo reel


The main purpose of a demo reel is to display your raw talent. The material typically consists of quality clips from professional productions you have joined before. If you have little to no experience as an actor, then you can always try out for student films to get some on-set experience. As a form of payment—since a majority of these jobs are non-paying—you get a copy of the finished product for your reel.

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