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James Franco Thinks Newer Actors Have It Easy

Thanks to technological developments, aspiring actors and entertainers can easily share their work through different methods online. There are a lot of Instagram, Vine, and YouTube personalities that have broken into the industry thanks to these social media platforms that attract millions of users each day. Even award-winning actor, writer, and director James Franco agrees that this trend has given actors the much needed leverage of making it in the business these days.

James Franco: ‘Just Start Making Your Own Stuff’

James Franco

At this point, you don’t need to be a Hollywood A-lister to be considered famous. There are Instagram celebs and YouTube personalities who are the subjects of headlines everywhere. So if you happen to be planning to break into the industry yourself, then all you really need to do is to take advantage of the current trend.

“The technology nowadays and the distribution platforms are so much more available and open than they were even ten years ago and certainly in the last century, so I would say don’t sit around and wait for somebody to welcome you into the secret gates of Hollywood, just start making your own stuff,” James Franco said.

The actor gave the advice after during a Q&A session for his project with AOL titled Making a Scene with James Franco. The series showcases comedic recreations of famous movie scenes, in one particular Franco recreated The Godfather.

American Actor

Franco has had a colorful career under the limelight. He is known for experimenting with the movie roles he gets and diving into writing and directing as well. Franco’s upcoming film, In Dubious Battle, has him directing, writing, and acting in the Western feature.

Developing a career like that of James Franco’s is not an overnight deal. Although technology may be on your favor, success won’t just be handed right away. In fact, Franco acknowledges the hard work needed in the competitive world of Hollywood. To reach out to fellow talents, he has chosen to network himself through social media as well.

“[And] once you start making stuff you’ll be able to see if people like this, are people responding to this, do I respond to this, and then at that point you can say, ‘All right, I’m going to make more and get better or realize, oh, maybe I wasn’t made for this,'” Franco added. “But it’s so much easier to make things now.”

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