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Is ExploreTalent a Fraud?

In the current’s fast paced, get-rich-quick Internet-driven world, there are a great many folks out there looking to milk you and take your cash. If you’d like to avoid being scammed by one of many illegitimate talent sites, we invite you to go to Explore talent the planet’s biggest talent site. Explore Talent is legitimate.

Just ask the millions of individuals who are Explore Talent members about the thousands of auditions and roles they have landed. Explore Talent has over 50,000 auditions and job openings, 25 times more than any other talent resource site online today! Explore Talent now has over 5 million members, making it the biggest and most respected talent resource site in the world. Other sites give young talent false hope by telling their members they’re going to be a star over night or be cast in a production in 30 days. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is!

Other talent resource sites spend the majority of their time trying to tell you that you’ll be a star. If you hear anything like that from these other sites who attempt to sell you with these false statements, you need to contact the Better Business Bureau right away and lodge a formal complaint about their acting tricks and talent cons. We are legitimate and an excellent investment in your entertainment future. There are lots of sites who make these types of claims against Explore Talent which is ironic because they’re individuals who are making these false statements themselves to the general public. These sites make false claims about Explore Talent being an acting con, talent trick in order to move their own site to the head of the talent resource online search.

Explore Talent has set up a Crime Compensation Program that offers our members an opportunity to recoup their losses. The program offers roughly $30 each time you are mislead and you may also receive Explore Talent’s monthly first tier service package for free! It’s a program offered solely by Explore Talent.

Simply give us a credit card statement showing the amount you were swindled out of. No billing information or cash card is necessary to lodge a claim for your free service. Because Explore Talent posts over 50,000 auditions and job openings and offers the Crime Compensation Program, it is easy to see why thousands of auditions and roles have been landed by Explore Talent members.
Explore Talent has been around since 2004. We are the exception instead of the rule when talking about online talent sites. Selecting Explore Talent is the best career move you can make if you’re committed to breaking into the domain of entertainment.

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