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How to Find and Prepare for Your Movie Auditions in 2015

There are thousands of new movie auditions for 2015 listed every day by casting agents and movie producers. If you want to become an actress or an actor and is currently searching for auditions that are open this year, you should start by doing some research on talent resource sites that post open auditions for aspiring talents like you.

It is vital to start from scratch. So here are a few important tips on how to find movie auditions that are best for you.

Prepare for Your Big Day

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As with everything in life, the best way to succeed is to make sure you are prepared. If you book an audition, make sure you arrive early, not just on time, and give the casting directors everything you’ve got. It seems nerve-wracking, but as long as you believe in yourself and have faith that you have become the character you are auditioning for, then you will nail it.

Don’t Let a Pebble Cause Your Fall

Just because you’ve landed an audition, this doesn’t mean the acting job is yours. At the audition, you are most likely going to be among ten, sometimes twenty or more, other aspiring actors who are fighting for the same role. What you have to remember is that many successful actors went to thousands of auditions before they landed their big role that made them famous.

Some of the A-list actors and actresses who now star in million-dollar movies didn’t get their shot at the spotlight until late in their lives and these include Gene Hackman, Jason Statham, and Danny Glover, among others. This goes to show that if you stick to your dreams and never give up, you, too, can have your moment. Never let one ‘‘no’’ stop you from finding your future “yes”. Use whatever criticisms from casting agents and take them as positive feedback to better yourself as an artist. This way, you can be prepared for your next audition and do well in it.

Be Optimistic

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Even if you don’t land that audition you were hoping for, don’t let that discourage you. There will always be more auditions for acting roles and extras. A lot of amateur actors get nervous before their first audition, this is totally normal.

The best way to gain confidence before you go into your audition is to talk to yourself in the mirror. Rehearse your lines in front of the mirror and also in front of friends and family so you get used to the feeling of performing in front of other people. Have your friends or family as an audience to guide you with suggestions and feedback before you attend the actual audition. The more you practice, the better. You can never be too prepared.

Excel and Grow

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Formal training is one of the best things you can ever do for your career. Signing up with an acting school can help  your craft get better and make you more confident. With classes like diction, improve and scene study, you will be able to work with other young people and exchange acting techniques.

You can also hire an acting coach, they can really help you improve your skills. Most acting coaches are veterans in the film industry  with awards and degrees under their belt, so they will be able to pass on their wisdom down to you. You can work with them one on one with scene study and learn how to really dictate your lines perfectly and proper audition etiquette. This type of knowledge is priceless.

A lot of the world’s most famous actors and actresses STILL seek advice from their acting coaches up to this day. Having a personal acting coach is like having your own trainer at the gym. Their job is to help YOU become a better person. They will motivate you, inspire you, teach you and stand by you through the good times and the bad.

First Impressions Last, Make the Most Out of Them

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When it comes to acting, first impressions are everything. If you want your charisma to be remembered by the casting directors, you should keep up with their standards. Being confident with who you are is a nice catch. Make sure you look simple yet fabulous.

Wear a plain colored, form fitting dress or skirt, simple makeup and very plain hair if you are an actress.The casting directors want to see the real you. Try not to wear an outfit that shows too much skin, as this can be a distraction. You want to give off a professional feel and not a sexy feel. If the role calls for more revealing clothes than you should definitely dress the part, but for all other auditions you should treat it like a job interview.

If you are an actor, slacks, nice shoes, and a plain colored shirt will be the best outfit for you to wear to an audition. Make sure your pants aren’t too baggy or “sagging”. Wearing clothes with logos, jewelry, tattoos or hairstyles are a big no-no. You might not want to look like a mall rat, instead of a hotshot.

Load Your Gun with the Right Bullets

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Before the audition starts, make sure your tummy’s fully loaded and you are punctual. Keep your mind clear of any stress or negativity throughout your day and focus only on your audition. Something to clear your head is a quick jog or even some yoga. A good workout will also help keep you focused.

Once it’s audition time, make sure you are dressed appropriately and have everything you need. NEVER go to an audition without your headshot and resume. Those should be automatically with you before you go to the place.

Stay calm and own the stage as if it is built for you. Practice your lines over and over in your head, put yourself in the character’s shoes and know you’re going to nail the audition. Be polite, but not too chatty, recite your lines and thank them for their time.

Doing all these will show the casting directors that you are prepared. Keep in mind that being on your toes all the time is the number one rule when it comes to getting the best out of your movie auditions in 2015. Visit to search for movie auditions and casting calls.


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