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ExploreTalent was launched in 2003. Since then, it went on to earn the spot of being the leading online resource for talents all over the world. Experiencing around 75 percent increase in members every year, the company now has approximately 7.8 million members, making it the largest online talent community site. With its more than 40,000 auditions, casting calls and other entertainment production-related jobs at any given day, ExploreTalent is well known for providing the kind of resources any aspiring actor, model, musician or dancer needs.

As they provide 30 times more auditions and jobs than any other talent resource on the Internet, ExploreTalent is able to catch the appeal of people who want to be part of the entertainment industry. Talents can start out in building a profile on the site for free.  A reasonable fee needs to be paid though if you wish to take advantage of all the services provided by the company including its entertainment-based platform that easily matches your profile and casting preferences to all the auditions and casting calls available on the site daily.

To be a member of the ExploreTalent community, you can just sign up for free. It is also very affordable for you to become a premium member.

What is ExploreTalent?

ExploreTalent is a talent resource site for aspiring actors, singers, models and dancers where you can become a member for free. You don’t even need any requirement to join in the site.

Founded with those who want to get into the entertainment industry in mind, ExploreTalent has a huge directory of casting calls, auditions and crew jobs. Its database is the largest in the world and provides 30 times more auditions and job postings compared to all of the other talent resource sites online. Whether you want to showcase your talents in acting, modeling, dancing or singing or you just want to the crew of any stage or film production, there is something in ExploreTalent for you.

What Can ExploreTalent Do for You?

The number of ExploreTalent members is growing every year because its membership is for free and its premium membership is available at a reasonable price.  If you wish to be discovered for your talents, then the site is one of the best guides into getting jobs in show business. The site has a team of professionals that delivers and provides among the best services in the industry. They do not only help you find the auditions and jobs that are most suitable to your profile and preferences, they do this with speedy accuracy. Aside from their talent coordinators, ExploreTalent also has a team of customer service representatives that are on hand to assist its talent members in handling their profiles and even getting started with their careers.

Talent members of ExploreTalent are provided with a template they can use to create their professional resume and where they can also post their photos. Explore Talent also gives out tips you can use during the process of breaking into the industry as well as those that can help you to keep track of everything in your career. There are also useful tools for starting your career in the acting, singing, dancing and modeling industries that are provided in the site. These include assisting you in making a good and professional resume through your personal profile on the site.

An ExploreTalent member profile is where a talent can upload his resume and his photos. If in case you don’t have any digital photos, you can still get your photos uploaded into it. All you need is to mail your photos to the company and a talent specialist will upload them for you. Once this is completed, you are already able to email this entire thing to any casting director, agent, talent manager or producer to get into auditions or casting calls. He can even submit this profile online using ExploreTalent’s own repository of casting calls, auditions and crew jobs. Even if this won’t result to the immediate entry into the entertainment industry, it can already help in elevating a talent’s exposure.

A member of ExploreTalent can also upload any kind of video that may showcase his talent online. You can even keep tabs of the views on your profile and any video you have uploaded using the view counter that the site provides its members. The site has you covered when it comes to all aspects of making it easier for you to get more exposure and find jobs in the entertainment industry.

What You Can Get from ExploreTalent?

ExploreTalent may charge you a fee to become a premium member, but it is just within your budget and joining the site initially is for free. This will already enable you to create your personal profile, which is one of the first steps you can take towards launching your career in acting, modeling, dancing or singing. Plus, ExploreTalent provides the tools, information and other resources that will not only help you save time in finding auditions and jobs, but also in submitting your resumes. It will also aid in saving money and in getting you exposure in the entertainment industry.

One of the best ways to get your career going is to get proper representation and ExploreTalent can help you do this. The website’s database also includes names and contact information of talent agents and talent agencies that you can contact. Getting your own agent or being part of a talent agency will help you get ahead in your career not just because they will assist you in finding casting calls and auditions you can get into. They will get those that are totally suited to your talents, skills, abilities and preferences. Plus, they will also be able to get you into the closed auditions that are normally just available for those with representation.

With ExploreTalent’s database, you find a good agent or agency that will care about you and your career. They will help you in your journey of becoming an actor, singer, dancer or model in your own right. ExploreTalent wishes for you to be exposed to the right kind of people that will not only aid you in getting noticed, but also get you the proper attention that you need to rise to the top. With the help of the site, you can find representation that will care genuinely about you and the realization of your dreams.

If you think it is not yet the right time for you to get an agent of your own, then ExploreTalent can still help you with the more than 40,000 open casting calls, acting jobs and production crew jobs they have on the site. Known as public or open auditions, these are usually the ones that are open to everyone and don’t ask for a fee of any kind. While you can also leads for this type of auditions on Hollywood trade magazines, finding and getting access to them is made easier on ExploreTalent. Aside from providing the ability to browse by categories or having a search button which you can use to locate the type of auditions you want, the site is also using a type-match technology that will pair you up with the casting calls that are within your casting preferences. Although the audition process is difficult and grueling at best, ExploreTalent is on hand to help you through everything.

About is the go-to website for aspiring actors and models who wish to find auditions, achieve exposure and market themselves. This is the resource where you can be seen immediately by agents, casting directors, managers and even producers, not just from New York or LA, but all over the nation. gets hold of thousands new castings every day and they are also usually the first to get information on fresh projects looking for the right kind of talents. They also have talent forum section where members can chat with fellow aspiring actors and models and build a network within the online community. They also post the latest in entertainment news, so you can keep abreast of what’s hot and what’s not in the entertainment scene.

As a member of the site, you will have your own webpage where you can post your online portfolio complete with your resume, headshots and other photos. While it is your own personal page,’ helpful and knowledgeable staff can help in updating it for you. As soon as your page is up, auditions will immediately be found for you. It could also be sent to casting directors, so you can be lined up for auditions.

If you are getting tired of spending money on postage and your portfolio, can help you. Become part of the site today and you can begin going to auditions tomorrow.


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