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ExploreTalent’s Facebook Page Reaches Over 900,000 Likes

ExploreTalent, the largest talent resource site on the Internet, garnered more than 900,000 likes on its official Facebook page this week. This breakthrough serves as a testament to the company’s growth as the leading resource site in the entertainment industry for old and new talents across the globe.

Founded in 2003, ExploreTalent provides more than 20,000 casting calls and auditions as well as crew jobs to its almost 9 million members daily, who are mostly comprised of actors, models, singers, dancers and production crew workers. It has a proprietary cast match technology, known to be the most innovative system of its kind in the entertainment business, that matches a talent’s attributes to hundreds of roles and auditions every day. Through this one-of-a-kind technology, talent members will receive casting email alerts and will have their profiles updated with auditions and casting calls matched to their preferences. This allows them to focus on preparing for their auditions instead of scouring the Internet for them.

The number of likes ExploreTalent got on its official Facebook page proves they have been very effective in making sure that they provide value-added service to all its members. The ExploreTalent team spends thousands of hours every week working with casting directors as well as verifying, sorting and getting casting details ready for all its talents. They also have talent advisors and customer service representatives available five days a week to provide the most personalized service in the industry at present.

Aside from its cast match technology, ExploreTalent also has a system tailored to connect casting directors directly to members profiles, so they can contact them if they are interested in hiring them for any projects. They also have a process going that makes it very easy for talent members to submit their applications to any production. As a result, the company is known to offer not just the best, but also the most cost-effective resource to accomplished and aspiring talents.

With offices both in the US and abroad, ExploreTalent is ready to serve more talents worldwide. To find out more about Explore Talent visit or call 1-800-598-75001-800-598-7500 FREE.

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