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Explore Talent’s Facebook Page Reaches Over 2 Million Likes

ExploreTalent, one of Internet’s largest talent resource sites, has already accumulated more than 2,100,000 thumbs up on its official Facebook page recently, proving that the number of talents who want to secure a spot in the entertainment industry is constantly growing.

The site, which was first launched in 2003, has provided crew jobs, information on auditions, and casting calls to widely 10 million aspiring models, singers, dancers, actors, and production crew workers every day. ExploreTalent seeks ways to match a talent with hundreds of vacant roles according to their attributes. Once the people behind the site are able to find a perfect match, the talent is then notified via e-mail, complete with casting call details, so he/she could properly prepare for the auditions.

Having gained millions of followers on a huge networking site cements ExploreTalent’s reputation as a resource site that provides value-added service to its members. The people behind ExploreTalent maintains a close connection with a lot of casting directors so they can provide the latest and credible casting calls. And whenever the talent needs some assistance, customer service representatives are there, ready to work with them five days a week.

ExploreTalent also uses a technology that enables casting directors to directly connect with the talents who caught their attention. The talents are also given ways so they cane easily submit their applications to any production.

Because of these, ExploreTalent has long been known as a cost-effective resource that offers great-quality service to those who want to achieve their dreams of being a well-known actor, model, singer, or dancer.

ExploreTalent has an office both in the United States and abroad, ready to assist aspiring talents worldwide. To find out more about ExploreTalent, visit or call 702 553-2700 for more details.

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