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Everything You Need to Know about a Modeling Agency

It is important to know better all the workarounds in modeling agencies before you start your career in modeling. After you understand how the industry works, it would be easier whom to look for if you have questions that need immediate answer.

If you want to land a modeling job, you might want to get signed with a modeling agency. In a company, there will always be different groups of people that handle different tasks, and same goes in an agency. So if you want to jump-start your journey to a smooth and successful modeling career, here are the different modeling agency departments you should be aware of.

The Booker


The booker, or commonly known as a manager or an agent, is the one responsible for your growth as a talent in the industry. Regardless of the length of your contract with the company, he takes you to people you are going to be working with. He is also responsible in choosing a photographer for your photo shoot and will assist you in every stint that you have. Every booker focuses on the marketability of the models.

If you have started a modeling career already, the booker will continue to help you in dealing with all the clients you will be working for. They also take care of giving you information on your daily activities. Clients communicate directly with the bookers whenever they are interested to work with a model.

The booker can also go beyond their work-related role. Sometimes, the booker will be there to assist you with your nonwork-related problems like choosing new house to buy or meeting with your personal doctor, trainer, and nutritionist.

Here are the different booking departments:

The New Faces Department

exec-introduction.jpg (1440×960)

This department is responsible for your training to hone you as a better professional model. They take good care of your first job. The people in this department are those who serve as judges in modeling auditions.

The Model Management Department

premier__MG_4660.jpg (1600×1067)

This is the next department to welcome you in the industry after you make it through the new face department. Their primary concern is to secure a well-balanced career for the models that they handle. They are also the ones who choose the types of clients that you should work with.

The Supermodel Department

dsc_0046.jpg (2406×1600)

People from this department are particular with models who aim or have the potential to be a celebrity or a supermodel. They are the ones who take care of you especially when you start gaining more money. They will assist you in all projects you do, including those outside modeling, like television shows and filming exercise videos.

The Catalog and Advertising Department

047.jpg (3405×2266)

This department makes models work on catalog and advertising jobs. Those models who are currently available and do not have scheduled activities are the ones chosen to do the job.

The Runway Department

Clothing-by-Helena-Boutique-Hair-and-Make-up-by-Modish-3.jpg (4534×3289)

The people behind the runway department handle the scheduling and booking of models. They are the ones who organize boutique showings, fittings, and trunk shows for their agency’s talents.

The Television and Commercial Department

1415402356544 (1000×664)

This is the department that communicates with outside agencies when their talents are offered with television bookings. They also arrange other related works like the models’ guest appearances on television shows.

Other modeling agency departments are listed below.

Accounting Department

This department handles all money-related transactions that the company or the agency has to go through, whether it is income or expense. The voucher that you have signed that proves you have a pending job will be handed down to the accounting department after you sign contracts and all the gigs you do. Your and your agent’s fee are included in the voucher.

Promotions and Publicity

executives-in-window-.jpg (1698×1131)

Hence their name, the people behind this department work on the promotion of the image and the name of the agency. They are also responsible for the exposure of their models, that’s why they commonly organize charity events. They also plan press inquiries about the agency and the models.


workforce-team.jpg (4992×3328)

The administration consists of the foundation of the agency such as the president, vice president, and the department directors. They are the ones who run the agency as a whole. They plan about the vision, mission, and goal of the agency and deal with problems that may arise involving the agency.

It is a great advantage and a plus to you if you know the people you will be working with in your future modeling journey. In this way, you will be able to know who to talk to about some issues once you start your modeling career.

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