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Basic Posing Tips You Can Use in a Modeling Job

Getting a photographer who is professional enough to guide you with many modeling poses and knows how to direct you would be a real blessing especially when it’s your first time to do a modeling job. It is quite unnerving to ace a modeling audition, and to survive a one long photo shoot for a glamour shot is an achievement.

So here are some essential and basic posing techniques that you should use when you start your premiere glamour shots. Just keep in mind that you should follow and listen to the pieces of advice of your photographer.

Simplicity is beauty

The simple poses can always deliver the most impact. Overdoing your poses might make the whole thing look very unappealing and awkward, and it might lose the photo’s glamour. It does not mean you must be glamorous in your poses just because it is called glamour photos. In glamour shots, good poses mean looking natural.

Be updated with the latest poses

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It is necessary for you to be updated with new different poses. It would not be appropriate if you know only outdated poses for the photo shoot. Each year, there are certain techniques and styles for each and every pose. Styles in the recent time are more provocative, sensual, and natural.

Work with some props

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It would be a great help to have something to work with if you are still learning to do glamour shots. Many photographers would rather advise you to use a prop or something to lean on or sit in. The purpose of using a prop on your poses is to make sure that you are relaxed. The more your poses are going to be natural when you are relaxed.

Hide your flaws and emphasize your assets

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Even professional models are not perfect human beings. So it is necessary for you to do some poses where your assets will be more noticeable. You can start by moving your weight away from the camera, or better experiment with different angles. You can also get ideas from other models on how they do their poses for some pointers.

Do poses that highlight your best features

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You can have your own research on other poses for the glamour photos. There are certain poses that can hide your unwanted flaws, and there are also poses that can make your best assets noticeable. It would be highly necessary to get to know your strongest physical assets and focus on working with it. Just make a further personal research for poses to help you achieve it.

Interpret the concept in a creative way

When you’re told about the theme of the shoot, think of the poses that will best reflect the motif. You can’t just stand there and raise your head when the shoot is all about extreme sports.

It is necessary between you and your photographer to have an open communication so you would know that you are still on the same page, that you understand perfectly what it is that is expected of you to do. This is a perfect way for you to not waste everyone’s time and also to get a great shot without wasting too much frames. Be flexible with what the photographer is suggesting and ask for any additional advises to improve your pose.

Be open with your photographer

biznes-plan-fotostudii-ot-ob'ektiva-do-fona.jpg (1772×1120)

It is important that you notice every progress during the whole shoot. You don’t have to be bothered because you have all the opportunity to see your own photos. Discuss what you can do with the photographer to improve your poses for the shots. Get some useful tips and make sure to follow them on your next photo session.

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