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Acting or Modeling Résumé

In addition to having pure talent and determination, having a well-crafted acting or modeling résumé is necessary to get noticed, to shape your career, and to turn heads in your direction.

Like everyone else in the entertainment business, promising actors and models must have a professional résumé apart from their portfolio. These are among the two most imperative credentials casting directors ask for during auditions or casting calls.

What is An Acting or Modeling Résumé?

An acting or modeling résumé is designed to highlight your acting skills and experience. It also features essential information needed in the entire casting process. Basically, it is your first chance as an actor or model  to tell everyone that you are worthy of their attention.

Although it is just a piece of paper showing all your personal information and credits as a model or an actor, others still commit mistakes in making them. While some fail to list their contact details, others do not specify their special skills.

How to Make a Professional Résumé?

In building up a professional résumé, you need to put together all important details about you as an actor or model, aside from your name, phone number and email address. It should also contain production credits, training, skills, and accolades. Although it might be tempting to place everything about you in this document, be prudent enough to place only those details that will match the job you are applying for. A good résumé is only one page long and should come in a size that fits your 8×10 headshot, as you will need to attach these two together.

If you don’t have sufficient acting or modeling experience, do not worry. There are other things you can place in your résumé that will catch the attention of casting directors. With the variety of resources available online, there is no reason for you not to have a document that will help you sell yourself to industry professionals.

The Bottom Line 

Of course, each actor or model will have their own unique journey to stardom. While others will make it big in theater or on the runway, others will do well in films, television or on advertisements. Some may have extensive training, while others won’t have any at all. While you might still be starting out, there are already others ahead of you who are proficient in the field.

This only means that no two acting or modeling résumé are similar. So, be creative and make yours appear as simple yet as professional as possible. Aim towards having an effective résumé that will catapult you into being recognized in the business, so you can get your most coveted role and start building your way up to the top.