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5 Tips on How to Prepare Your Voice Before Singing Auditions

Keeping your voice in tip-top shape is necessary to have an astounding performance in your singing jobs or your next singing auditions. Aside from making sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle for your body, you need to spare a fair share of exercises to maintain and improve the quality of your voice.

Here are a few general guidelines on how to do vocal exercises:

Do Mouth Exercises

This may sound unusual, but doing basic mouth exercises can help improve your singing. Keeping the muscles from your mouth down to your neck in good condition can help. This helps you control your voice especially if you are practicing on your notes and your pitch. This will also improve your delivery off the song by the proper enunciation of the words. Do basic mouth exercises such as massaging your jawline, the areas around your mouth, neck, and lips.

Also practice reading and enunciating words from songs, including the one you will be using for your audition. This will help especially if your chosen piece or the song you are required to sing is something you are not familiar with.

Keep Good Posture

You need air to sing properly. Practice on good posture. Aside from the fact that this will have good long-term effects on your health, this will also ensure that you have the duration to cover your singing especially if you are to belt out high notes or set to sing songs that demand the intermittent exchange of notes from high to the low notes.

Posture assists you also in performing the song with finesse, especially if you are on the stage.

Drink Warm Water

This is one tip that all award-winning singers swear by. Cold water does not help your throat to function in its top shape. It constricts your vocal chords and clams it up. It will only make your vocal chords sensitive and make your voice hoarse. Drinking warm water allows your vocal chords a brief warm up for it to get started. It helps your vocal chords retain their ability to take down those notes.  It is also beneficial to the body.

Practice Proper Breathing

Doing breathing exercises will help you get control when you are trying to hit the high notes. The circulation will help you in maintaining a note or a succession of notes should the song piece demand strongly of it. Such exercise will also assist you in singing various songs.  Breathing exercises will assist you in supplying your diaphragm with oxygen.

Vocalize Before Auditions

Remember that scene in the movie High School Musical where Sharpay and her brother Ryan would make weird sounds before their auditions? That’s it. You are highly advised to do this before auditions. If you are just randomly practicing some songs,  it is just right to vocalize too. Vocalization may sound weird, but this helps you ensure that you are able to hit the notes right.

Vocalization also helps you in reaching higher notes especially if you are just starting out. Doing this exercise will also help you be comfortable with notes that are sometimes hard to do, and it will make it easier for you to sing your piece very well for your next singing job or audition.

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