Secrets to Nail Your First Voice-Acting Job

Though it sounds strange, many individuals in the voice acting audition might have exactly the same sound as yours. A voice actor’s individuality plays in when they are sure to actually beat the different pitches of their voice. Hence, voice-acting job has been more widely popular than any typical acting stint you see on the big screen and the television.

It is not surprising to know that voice-over job auditions are also widespread and has actually taken the most part of the entertainment industry. If you think that the voice you hear from your favorite games is the only one employing voice-over actors, you’re mistaken. Your personal computers and favorite animated cartoons also employ voice-over actors. Voice-over acting has also gained overwhelming popularity with the rise of computer-generated movies.

As an aspiring talent, it is essential to practice reading creatively. Here are some pieces of advice from casting directors on how to nail your dream role in the voice-over acting industry.

Practice Makes Perfect

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There are many important things to be focusing on when you want to begin a career in the voice acting industry. Here are two most important things to remember:

Practice Your Pronunciation

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No matter how enticing a delivered speech is, listeners are sure to be distracted with inapposite pronunciation and diction. So focusing on how you read your piece is one key to achieve a successful delivery without sounding like a broken cymbal. Though a well-delivered line is always an advantage, a well-managed voice will always impress casting directors. If you would notice, you wouldn’t need to cover the whole monologue but only a few lines when you submit a demo.

Practice Your Acting

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Voice acting needs the participation of the individual’s acting skills. You would probably notice how your acting ability blend with how you deliver your lines. Because of this, animators usually set up the character’s facial expressions depending on the voice actor’s performance.

Play with Your Voice Box

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Believe it or not, producers prefer to hire actors who are fit to play more than one role. Carrying various characters is a great advantage when you wish to get signed in bigger companies. To get the attention of the directors, you should master the art of developing your vocal range.

You should figure out the different tones your voice can reach and what types of characters you can portray with your voice. It is important that you get to know your voice. And when you are finally able to do that, your arsenal of different voices can make you a titan in the industry. Furthermore, it would be better when you master the easier roles like voicing over an old person or a sweet child before you focus on the harder ones.

Most productions prefer adults over young actors to voice over a child character because their voice will remain as is even when the production is done. In case a sequel would be produced, the exact same voice will be heard by the viewers. When a young actor reaches puberty, there is a big chance that his voice will change to the point of being unrecognizable.

Make sure to always own the character you’re voicing over.  That specific character can eventually help your voice be recognized globally when played perfectly.

Your market value also increases if you have a wider range of voices.

Make Your Sample Demo Legendary

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Your chance of acing your voice acting audition is bigger if you have a high-quality demo. Taking virtual note of the dos and don’ts in making a good demo reel for voice acting will help you produce the best medium for an audition. Always remember that your demo tape counts.

Maintain Professionalism

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Although it sounds clichéd, professionalism goes a very long way. Mastering this art makes you stay longer in the industry. Learn to build a good reputation so producers will have more reasons to hire you and make you part of their next projects. Producers actually look for someone who can work well with other actors. Actors with unrefined personality oftentimes do not succeed in the entertainment industry.

It is more than important to make a good start, and this list aims to guide you on your way to your first voice acting audition and maybe your first-ever voice-acting job. Practice, be professional, and be versatile. By doing that, you will definitely succeed in this cutthroat industry.

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How to Impress Casting Directors During Acting Auditions

One problem that a lot of aspiring actors possibly face is figuring out the things to prepare for their first acting audition. It can get really tough, from choosing the perfect attire to picking a good monologue for your chosen role.

It is advisable that you extend your guts to high mode because auditions may cause you to get intimidated. Your shot in a role can slowly get aggravated with the increasing number of competitors vying for the same role. Sometimes, you will feel unwanted when the directors don’t find you impressive.

So for those aspiring talents who are still on the first few steps toward building a career in the industry, here’s what you need to know before you step into this cutthroat world.

Before an Audition

Don’t be late.

Never arrive in the audition venue late. Always be at least half an hour earlier than your scheduled time. This will allow you to rest and condition yourself before your turn.

Showing that you are compliant and disciplined enough when it comes to arriving early will help you build a good impression to casting directors, which is one of the most important if you want to land that first big role.

Keep in mind what you are there for.

Don’t be conceited. Some aspiring actors may try to take advantage of others and manipulate you to make you feel they are tougher and that you should give up. But the best response to that is just to ignore it. Always bear in mind that you came there to try it out and be booked for a role. You can make some friends, of course, but you should know just how long and deep your conversations should go. Never let them distract you.

Get your job done.

Be the kind of person who does his scene in silent and let the directors be impressed as they notice in the long run just how good you are. This will give them the idea that you are committed in playing a certain role the best way you can.

Run through your monologue as long as time allows and start going over it as soon as you hit the venue. It is important that you are well-prepared before you take the center stage. Other than that, avoid asking other auditionees about the character you will all try portraying. This can make you lose your opportunity in a snap.

During an Audition

Make the most out of the time you’re given.

Your five-minute opportunity is as monumental as gold. Treat it as your one-time gateway toward your goal. Don’t let anxiety hinder you from showing the best performance. Be careful not to let negativity cloud your concentration. Instead of letting all those unwanted situations distract you from getting your shot in the industry, turn those into positivity and spur your performance with excitement.

Maintain your focus.

Keep in mind that you should stay flexible enough for more possibilities as there is a big chance that your second role will be a whole lot different from the first one. Take a deep breath and keep your focus as you deliver your lines.

Learn to put yourself in the character’s shoe so you can show its personality with confidence. Allow your audience to feel the character you are portraying.

Do not forget to thank the directors.

Never fail to express your gratitude to the directors as soon as you finish your part. When the directors frankly inform you that they were not satisfied with your performance, it is best to leave all the negative vibes behind and start gearing up for your next opportunity.

Some casting directors will give you points for improvements at the end. Be open for these. After all, every audition is part of your learning process. So use them to improve your performance so you can nail the next one effortlessly.

After an Audition

Treat every audition as an experience.

Consider every audition you have been to as an opportunity to learn more about the industry and what it demands, regardless of whether you get the role or not. Opportunities like this only comes once. You don’t get called for an audition every day, and you can’t find casting calls in just a sec. Acting is not just about skills, it requires passion too.

Look forward to next opportunities.

It is essential that you take each rejection professionally. Do not feel disdained but rather remain optimistic and exhale negativities. Opportunities in this industry remain timeless, so there is no reason for you to stop trying. With more auditions come the more chances of succeeding.

By taking notes of these recommendations, you can do better on your next acting audition. The above tips are essential to make your casting call experience a priceless one.

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The Types of Modeling Jobs that Will Best Suit You

Models are required to work hard in modeling jobs. They are expected to attend different events or shows such as casting and fitting once they have signed a contract with an agency. Models don’t have fixed working hours but will work for a longer time, plus they will have an opportunity to travel to different places.

Hence, being a model might be hard so you have to know all the kind of modeling jobs you might encounter before you decide to take the walk.

Available jobs in the industry are posted online through reliable sites, but it is still a requirement to know what they are before an aspiring model can get started. The different kinds of modeling jobs are listed down for you. Know all of them and fill yourself with enough knowledge about the craft that you are about to start a career in. One or two of these might be your forte.

High-Fashion Modeling

High-fashion models are known for their strong and bold features; it’s the kind of looks that make them crowd-pleasing. High-fashion modeling is classified into three.


gettyimages-465359766.jpg (1280×863)

Runway models are those who bring the creations of well-known fashion designers into life. You need to have the right body and height for the job. These models usually get the highest pay because they are expected to sport the big-name designs the most convincing way possible.


down-syndrome-nordstrom-catalog-model.jpg (1116×758)

Hence the name, catalog models pose for catalogs. Unlike the runway models, their pay will depend on the number of photos taken. Kids can be catalog models too. For adult models, they are often selected because of their healthy, slender, and beautiful body with classic beauty. They are also usually tall.

Fashion Print

JAG-04-018-r2CMYK1.jpg (1862×2000)

These models are those who pose for print advertising. Fashion print modeling is known as one of the most demanding modeling jobs because how a designer’s works are reflected in prints can make or break their career.

Editorial Modeling

Editorial models work to illustrate articles and editorials in publications. Editorial modeling has a less strict set of requirements compared to high-fashion modeling. There are three categories for editorial modeling.

Fashion Editorial

redinger_libolt_F011.jpg (1860×1140)

If you want to be a fashion editorial model, you are expected to be flexible and adaptable enough to meet the changing demands of the target audience of the magazine.

Land Mag Editorial

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Though mistakenly interchanged with glamour modeling, land mag modeling usually has a sexual theme where models wear plunging pieces of clothing. A toned and slender body is usually the main requirement.

Glamour Modeling

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Same with land mag editorial modeling, glamour modeling also has a sexual theme. These models often endorse lingerie, swimwear, and club wear. This kind of job also requires the models to go almost bottomless. Glamour models have to ask for the specifications of the job so anything assigned to them in the future will not come as a shock. Glamour modeling is considered as a broad category.

Commercial Modeling

This is a category where most modeling agencies work on. Commercial models are assigned in different commercial modeling jobs like these two:


ma21.jpg (3888×2592)

Models, most of the time, represent how certain products are used. They make sure they demonstrate the products in the most engaging way.


blogshow-resample.php (900×600)

Lifestyle models are often looked for when a company wants to bring an idea or a concept to life. Its requirements usually depend on the concept of the company’s projects.

Parts Modeling

Parts models usually use the parts of their bodies to portray or demonstrate certain services and products. Modeling jobs like this usually require connections so finding an agent is one of the best ways to get started.

slide_293343_2369339_original.jpg (3671×3088)

Although there are many more things to consider once a talent decides to build a name in the modeling industry, it is a good start to know the types of jobs available in the field. It is highly advisable to get signed with an agency to get a modeling job you want.

But you don’t have to be bothered anymore once you have already signed because you will surely be called, and you will have access to random modeling jobs opening for an instance. If you can’t find an agency, it is best to look into some sites that post available modeling jobs and start from there. Nevertheless, you should give out your best shot once you are given the job.

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The Different Types of Voice-Over Acting Jobs

A voice-over actor is the one you hear when watching a commercial or listening to a narration. To succeed in this line of work, you will need to develop different accents and tones. Working on radio and audio books are just two of the many opportunities this field can offer.

There are different types of voice-over acting jobs available, which means that it can be a lucrative option for you in the entertainment industry. Here you can learn a bit about the different types of  jobs available, all of which you should be knowledgeable about before you can take the necessary steps to secure one.

Audio Books

Audio books can be found online and in bookstores. They are more popular than ever because you can easily download them onto your tablet PCs, MP3 players, or other device. They are so important because they ease the monotony of a long commute and make your idle time more enjoyable.

Recording an audio book is tough. The narrator must be able to have different voices, breath control, and stamina. A good narrator always captivates a lot of listeners. The goal of having someone tell the story is to keep the listener engaged and interested from the first paragraph until the end.

Movie Trailers

Movie trailers are used to advertise a movie. It gives a summary of the entire picture in a way that will make the viewers go to theaters to see it. The narration will be heard over the scenes from the film. A good, commanding, and authoritative voice is nice to hear on trailers.

Phone Messages

For phone recordings, an actor is hired to record that message customer hears as the operator that guides users on how to use their service.

Video Games

As one of the favorite pastimes of people today, video games are very important. Voice-over jobs for a video game is one of the most coveted gigs for actors. Since games now have complicated storylines, they need to bring to life the characters by using voice acting.


Businesses put out commercials to increase sales. Those ads you see on TV are designed to persuade the viewing public to buy a certain product. When businesses use well-known actors, the product becomes more appealing. You’ll be able to find auditions for commercial voice-over for radio and television.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used as announcements. The actor’s work on this will not involve the video itself. They just do the voice-over.

Training Modules

Voice actors can do voice-over for computer software. Training modules need an “operator” so the user will know what to do and be guided step by step. That voice you hear is a hired actor.


Another popular item to have on your gadgets are podcasts. They are downloaded materials that usually come in series. Podcasting started in 2004 and has since grown to be very popular among the Internet users. Audio books are considered novel podcasts.


Documentaries depict historic events and are mainly used for educational purposes. They are records of the past in video format. To capture the audience, the narration in a documentary needs to be engaging and soothing.


Actors love animation work. There are different jobs like working for a cartoon series or an animated feature. Most voice actors focus on landing gigs for animation because they are highly entertaining, and working with a cartoon series offers a steady stream of work.

There will surely be plenty of choices with regards to auditioning for voice-over acting jobs. This article covers some of the most common job types in the field. A great tip would be to go to voice acting workshops because while you may not need to graduate from drama school to be a good voice actor, you can certainly learn how to control your voice and develop new accents and tones to give yourself a wide vocal range.

To be successful, you will need to have more than one funny voice. These acting workshops and voice-over classes will show you what to do so that you can express yourself with different emotions and voices.With voice acting, you will not have the benefit of acting with your whole body, so everything must be conveyed through your voice.

Voice-over acting jobs are not easy to get, even though there are plenty of them available for aspiring talents. The good thing is, you will be judged on voice quality and not looks, which is rare in the entertainment industry. It’s one of the few jobs where you can literally walk into the office in your pajamas, and it won’t matter.


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A Look into the Types of Movie Auditions

The audition is your first step to getting noticed. It’s your job interview in the casting process. There are many kinds of movie auditions that you as an actor need to be aware of. Basically, the type of audition would depend on the preference of the director.

The entire process can be scary, especially if it takes up a lot of time, but if you know what to expect, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Cold Reading

A cold read is an audition that doesn’t give you a lot of time to prepare. You’ll get the scene on the day at the audition or the night before, but either way, you still have very little time to prepare.

On Camera

In an on-camera audition, you will perform with a reader that is off the camera. You will be filmed while doing the reading. This is usually done in a first audition, and the film will be looked at by the casting director, producer, and all the other important decision makers.


After the bigwigs review the film, they have callbacks. In a callback, you will be performing in front of a bigger audience, and they may also film it. You have to be ready to take directions and show that you can adjust your acting style to what they want.

You may have several rounds of callbacks until they make the final decision. As an actor, you should understand that callbacks take time. It’s not unusual that auditions need four or more callback rounds, it’s just part of the business.

While a callback is still a typical audition, it is only for the candidates that passed the first round of auditions. During the callback, the actors will read scenes from the script. Once a lead actor has been selected, they will bring in candidates for the supporting role. They will read with the lead actor, looking for a right match. You’ll be assessed individually until the production company is satisfied with the dynamic of the actors in the cast. Callbacks are exciting, and you’ll be reading the script with experienced actors who will bring the characters to life.

Open Calls

Open casting calls or open calls are usually done in the theater world. The producers will post openings for a roll, and any actor who fits the description is welcome to try out for the part.

This type of  audition is great when you need a lot of extras for the show. Open calls generate buzz and media coverage that will benefit the marketing plan of the film. Open calls are also called cattle calls, because herds of people stand in lines waiting to be seen and wanting to work on a movie. Reality shows love these open castings because it draws high ratings and is a cheap production filler.

If you plan on joining an open casting call, you’ll have to be extremely patient because the lines will be long. You’ll also have to prepare monologues and acting pieces that you can present when it’s your turn.


A set appointment is where directors meet an actor for the first time. When the director is seriously researching a specific role, they take the time to schedule appointments so they won’t have people standing around waiting hours in line.

If you appear right for the role based on your head shot, résumé, and reel submissions, or they like your look, they might want to set up a private meeting to learn more about you. You may be asked to do a cold reading or improvise.

Private Auditions

Private auditions are the preferred method done by larger production companies. They look for a specific type of performer for certain roles. This is only accessible for those actors and actresses who already have full access to announcements like this.

Screen Tests

This is a way for companies to see how the actors and actresses appear on screen. They check to see if the actor is capable and confident working with other. Screen tests are for roles that appear directly in front of the camera—TV shows, commercials, etc.

Talent Conventions

This is an audition that is not held in front of many. You will only perform in front of different agents and managers. A lot of actors and actresses are intimidated by this, since they will have to impress a lot of people. If you are successful in this type of audition, you will have plenty of job opportunities.

The process of going to movie auditions can be daunting. With this guide, you will know the different types of auditions. You can use it to further your knowledge in the industry because as an actor, you will constantly need to be updated on what is going on in the film world.


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How to Find Acting Jobs in Los Angeles


For many actors, finding acting jobs in Los Angeles is one of their main goals, aside from relocating to the city. Living in LA would give them an edge over the others because it is where the best agencies, big production companies, and the casting offices are. An actor living in the city would be updated with what’s going on in the industry and can deal with the right people to help them land their ideal acting jobs.

Los Angeles is the Creative Capital of the World because one in every six locals here works in a creative field. The USC Stevens Institute for Innovation says “there are more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and musicians living and working in Los Angeles than any other city at any time in the history of civilization”.

The world of performing arts has a critical role in the cultural identity of Los Angeles. There are 1,100 theatrical productions yearly and 21 openings each week. The Los Angeles Music Center, which is one of the three biggest performing arts centers in the country, caters to over 1.3 million visitors annually.

Many notable groups and organizations perform and are based in the city like the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Center Theatre Group. You will also find premier institutions like USC Thornton School of Music and Colburn School.

Hollywood is in LA. It’s recognized as the heart of the motion picture industry. Every year, the entertainment capital hosts events like the Academy Awards. The Oscars are the oldest award ceremonies in the industry. The oldest film school in the United States is the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

To make it in Hollywood, these are a few things you must do:

1. Get an Agent

LA has many agencies and you need to get noticed by one of them. You need to have them add you to their roster of clients. Some examples are Agency for the Performing Arts (APA), Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Diverse Talent Group, The Gersh Agency, and International Creative Management (ICM).

2. Act in Commercials/Local Plays

As much as possible, grab every opportunity that comes your way. Whether it is volunteer work or low-paid work, just get as much acting experience as you can. You should also audition as much as you can. Keep yourself updated with auditions by reading the trade papers such as Academy Players DirectoryActing World BooksAdvertising Age
AdweekAmerican Theatre Magazine, and Backstage West.

3. Cultivate Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, and other social media web sites can give you great exposure. You need to take advantage of any opportunity you can find, and social media will help you promote your brand or voice. By making a social media profile, you will make it easier for casting agents, directors, and other actors to see your experience and abilities. It makes it easier for them to match you to possible roles.

On your social media sites, you can upload videos of yourself in your own mini-movies, backstage at your jobs, or in rehearsals. Let people see you and your talents. It’s free to join these sites, and you get a worldwide audience. It’s one of the simplest ways to market yourself. Remember that Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance, and Cody Simpson were discovered through YouTube.

4. Go to Agent Workshops

Agents will hold these to find new talents. Showing up at one of these gatherings won’t guarantee that you will be chosen and represented, but you are going to get yourself seen and that counts for a lot in the acting world. Whenever you go to these workshops, make sure you are dressed professionally. Don’t be shy. Try to stand out from the crowd without being obnoxious.

While there are so many film companies based in New York, a lot of the production is done in Los Angeles. Since there are new productions continually being made, this means that the city has countless opportunities for artists, crew members, and cinematographers. There will always be jobs you can audition for if you are tenacious.

One way for you not to lose focus is to set realistic goals for yourself. Make it easy on yourself. Audition for even the smallest jobs because your objective should be to gain as much experience as you can. Nobody lands the huge acting jobs in Los Angeles at first. Like with any other job, you will have to start at the bottom and fight your way to the top.



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List of Film Industry Jobs for Aspiring Actors

Are you an actor who is looking for film industry jobs? Then you came to the right place.  Finding a job isn’t easy; however, with our technology nowadays, it has been made simpler. Details about different types of jobs are accessible, giving the aspirants more ideas on what exactly needs to be done for them to land a spot. To help you, we have prepared a list about the five major careers in the film industry, from which you can choose which field to focus on and apply your long-hidden skills and talents. It’s time to know what really it is that you want to be.

Film Acting Career

Now we all know that the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to acting jobs is Hollywood. We think that being part of Hollywood movies is the only way to land a career in acting. However, you may need to start small and make your way up to the top of the ladder. You also need to remember that there will be a different casting process.

Another way to start is a couple of independent films, which you can find in online casting sites. Becoming a background actor or extra is another way to start. It’s not much compared to being a full-pledged actor, but it might be the very thing that can open the doors to you to bigger roles in the industry.

Voice Acting Career

If you’re looking for an acting job that will showcase your voice instead of your gestures and looks, then voice-overs might just be for you. In voice acting, your voice will be doing all of the acting, and it’s certainly the most important factor.

In that sense, imagine yourself giving voices to movie characters, voicing over for commercials, games, TV programs, and featured films. Voice acting is also an art form, just like any other acting career. It isn’t just some sort of supporting tool or any form of supplement for an acting job. Voice acting is as vital as any other role and crucial on its own.

Television Acting Career

If you’re truly considering a career into television acting, you need to be prepared to take risks along your journey. There may be a need for you to be situated in areas where your talent is needed. To site a few examples of places where most casting directors live and work in are New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With that in mind, you can now begin to do more research on the availability and number of acting jobs in these areas. Keep in mind that there are more shows made on TV compared to movies, regardless if the opportunities in both industries are equal.

Stage Acting Career

You can also start getting your career in movies or television by acting in theaters. As a matter of fact, Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Patrick Steward (Star Trek) are some of the TV personalities who were stage actors before getting into Hollywood. However, stage acting is not as easy as it looks. It requires a lot of skill, passion, and talent. Several stage actors even go through the trouble of studying the different styles of acting in order for them to become truly efficient. This can be the chance that you’re looking for, if you’re fond of watching live actor performing on stage.

Commercial Acting Career

If you think actors for advertisements and commercials aren’t as good as the ones you see on the big screen, you might need to reconsider your thoughts. It is a career which can be a perfect fit for you, even if they don’t require much of your acting talent and skills. Commercials are very different from the other acting jobs we have discussed. A commercial shoot is fairly short, an entire commercial can be shot for a single day, but the pay you’ll be getting is quite competent. This job could truly be a steady source of income because it pays quite well.

You only need to keep one thing in mind about film industry jobs: you should do your best in every opportunity you get. You also need to keep a positive mind-set and a good attitude. These things will help you go you a long way, and if you just keep your focus and aim to get better after every stint, you’ll definitely achieve your goal.

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