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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
Comic Rabbi Baltimore, MD Trade Show/Events/Promo 04-19-2015
Male Dancers Baltimore, MD Dance - Ballet/Classic 04-19-2015
FREE Model Promotion Dallas, TX Modeling - Print 04-19-2015
Too Spoiled Modeling - Runway 04-19-2015
Too Spoiled Modeling - Runway 04-19-2015
***Actors, Actresses LA, CA*** Los Angeles, CA Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 04-19-2015
Production Company Seeks All Talent Cleveland, OH Dance - Modern/Jazz 04-19-2015
Models Needed, No experience necessary! Los Angeles, CA Internet 04-19-2015
Christian Actors Needed IMMEDIATELY!!! Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 04-19-2015
scouting male models Chicago, IL Modeling - Print 04-19-2015
Rocky Los Angeles, CA Feature Film - Non-SAG 04-19-2015
drummer for hire Buffalo, NY Music - Drums 05-12-2015
Exotic Dancers Wanted Earn Up To $500/HR New York City, NY Dance - Club/Gogo 04-29-2015
Looking for all ages all types Chicago, IL Commercials 10-11-2015
On CAmera Talent Screening. 4-18 Los Angeles, CA Modeling - Print 10-11-2015
Starlings Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 04-22-2015
The Underpants Auditions For All Roles Jackson, MS Theatre - Non-Equity 04-19-2015
closed New York City, NY Music - Keyboards 06-10-2015
Get Spoilded Right Philadelphia, PA Modeling - Runway 04-19-2015
The Story Never told New York City, NY Feature Film - Short Film 12-09-2015

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When you are trying to auditions, there are many ways to go about it. When you are trying to find jobs, has tips to help you attain your goal. offers you tips of the trade as well as auditions dos and don'ts. lists ways to go about getting an audition and provides you with tricks of the trade. The most professional way (and the most obvious way) is to get representation and then it is the agents' job to find auditions for their talent. can get you hooked up with talent agents or talent agency to help you get started. There are numerous ways to go about getting audition, such as getting proper representation. can connect you with the proper representation and help you get a talent agent or talent agency you been. And not only are they supposed to send you out on auditions, but a good agent (someone who really understands your talents' strengths) will send you out on auditions for a job that is most befitting to you and your talents. can connect you with a good talent agent or agency that cares about your career and will get you on the rode to stardom. wants to get you in touch with the right people that will help you get noticed and the property attention you require. will get you in touch with talent agents that genuinely care about you and your aspirations.

On the other hand, when one does not have an agent to guide them yet, they are going out in the Hollywood world alone to jobs themselves. This is a bit harder than with an agent leading the charge. First off, the agent (and agency) will get you in the "door" so to speak, which means that most casting calls are closed auditions that you can not just come in and solicit. You need to have an agent representing you for all closed auditions because it's the agent that communicates with the casting director on the current project and the agent tries to convince the casting director that they need to see their client for said project. If the casting director agrees, then you have yourself an audition.

Now, in the case of not having an agent, you can pretty much forget about the closed auditions because as said before, they are way out of your reach. If you do not want a talent agent, closed auditions are usually not an option. If you do not have a talent agency or talent agent to represent you, closed auditions might not be for you. know that you have to be in touch with the proper agency, if you are not represented, closed auditions are usually not an option. But, all is not lost. There are still plenty of auditions you can get yourself booked for prior to having representation. Does not mean that there is not chance for you, still lists many auditions and talent jobs for you to view. If you are not represented, it does not mean that you do not have a shot at succeeding, still has plenty of listings for you. Even if you do not have representation, can still connect you and will provide many listings for you so you can choose from's large database. These casting calls are called, "open auditions." has many open auditions listings in case you do not have representation. can provide you with an array of open auditions for you to choose from. will provide you with "open auditions if you are not professionally represented. You can find the leads for these open auditions in the Hollywood trade magazines. All you have to do is go to your local newsstand and pick up a copy of "Backstage" or "LA Weekly" and look in the back of those rags.

The search is a grueling and rigorous process, but the benefits in the end make it all worthwhile. knows that the auditions process can be long and tiresome, at we want to make it as simple as possible. knows that going from audition to audition, one can get exhausted, wants to help. has plenty of tips for you when going through the audition process as we know its a long and grueling process. Because in the end you get a job acting, dancing, modeling or singing; hence, making your talents known to all while getting your big moment in the spotlight. The open casting calls and networking with industry professionals is the best way to move your career forward while seeking out representation who will then take over your job of "leading the charge," finding you the right auditions to further your talents. knows that although auditions are tiresome, it is the best way to get out there and se seen. With over 4 million members, knows that the best way to get notice is to go to auditions. Showcase your talent at, get yourself seen and show case your talent today! Become an member for free today!

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Once you join, our supportive and knowledgeable staff will create your own website, including headshots and an on-line resume. It's your own personal web page that we update for you! Once your page is up and running, we find auditions in your area that you may be interested in, send your page to the casting director and instantly have you plugged into the audition process. receives hundreds of new castings a day and are the first to know about many projects looking for the right cast. Not only will you gain instant exposure as an actor or model, but also as a member of you will receive the latest entertainment news and chat with fellow actors and models through our talent forum.

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